Quiting CP

Getting bored of cp i do play it for fun but blogging isnt cool anymore so yup good bye forever
_Peter 4567


Club Penguin Christmas Party 2009 Free Member Item- The Santa Suit

Club Penguin Cheats: Club Penguin Christmas Party 2009 Free Member Item

Hey guys,

This Christmas, the Club Penguin Team decided to give a free item for member penguins only, BUT it is not so easy to get it because you have to play a game called Santa Sled and when you are done with it, you get your prize. Here is a guide which will teach you how to play Santa Sled and how to get the Club Penguin Santa Suit (MEMBERS ONLY):

First thing, go to the Club Penguin Town and click on the wooden stand there with a paper saying “Santa Sled”, as shown below:

Now a window will appear like this:

Click “Go There”

You will be taken to the Club Penguin Dance Lounge in the Club Penguin Night Club. You will see there a tunnel like this one:

Make your penguin go in it….. and you will be taken to A REALLY BIG Santa Sled.

Click on the Green Button saying “FLY” and then wait for 3 seconds till the Sled launches

Now your job is to deliver 15 presents to igloos through their chimneys…. so whenever you are near a chimney, click on the red button there, so that one gift will drop from the Toy Bag

When you are done from distributing the presents, the Santa Suit will appear from the upper-right corner of the Santa Sled, as shown below:

Click on it and a window like the one below will pop-up

Click “YES”

Now you will have it added into your inventory



Im Back and Sorry

Hey guys my parents said they needed help around the house for christmas and I needed to do chores and many other stuff which I wont get into but im here and some sad news im leaving on holiday this friday but ill start posting on saturday, here is a poll

and also a new YouTube video, Sexy B!tch

-Peter 4567

Im Back

Hello Penguins
Im Back!!!!!!! Woot Woot and also CPCTV coming soon and a CPCTV Christmas Party.
Here’s the invite for who would like to come.

Club Penguin Comedy TV Christmas Party
When: Saturday 5th of November
Where: My Igloo on the Map
Time: 22:30 pm (10:30 at night)
Server: Frozen (if full Christmas)

The Special Guests Are:
-Gyg N

Member/Non-Member V.I.P Wear

Member/Non-Member Wear

-Peter 4567


Sorry I havent Posted for 2/3 weeks or a month, Im busy studying for my exams Next Week (23rd November)
I’ll post again on the 29th (cuz 27th My Birthday Party, 28th My Friends party maybe) Well See you on the 29th, and heres a picture to excite you!

Peter 4567

New Club Penguin Music Video

Enjoy My New Music Video!

-Peter4567 😀

Sorry Guys

Hey Guys I coudnt come to the party cuz I lost my connection 😦 And Now I couldn’t any way I’ll post a music video(Its Pictures Not Video Scenes,I dont have a Recorder Yet)Anyway In South Africa Its Now Halloween Hell Yeah!!!!!
– 😡 Peter 4567